Ben Affleck tackles Jennifer Garner into the pool after Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Well this is probably the cutest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video available as this point of time. Ben Affleck accepted the challenge, and when his actor wife Jennifer Garner plunged the ice water on him, the actor readily tackled her into the swimming pool.
Ben Affleck did not have any problem taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and he ensured that he have some real fun with this. With a bit of help from his wife Jennifer Garner, Ben took the ice water like a real champion before clutching his wife by the waist and throwing her in the swimming pool as their children hysterically laughed in the background.
On 18th August, Affleck willfully accepted the challenge as he was nominated by Tyler Perry. Ben stood next to his pool as we saw it on the Facebook video. Just after the introduction, the camera shifts back to his wife who then dumps a bucket full of ice over his head.
Affleck screeches, and right then he grab Jennifer by her waist and tackle her into the pool behind them. And you can hear their kids laughing at parents’ mischief.
Before Ben took the plunge, he nominated people whom he thought would appear great in wet T-shirt. He nominated Matt Damon, Neil Patrick Harris, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Jennifer Garner. Well, Jennifer still has to take the challenge even after being thrown in the pool.