Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra set for their Sunday date

It is all systems go as Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra gets ready for their 25th Tea and Symphony concert later on Sunday. The gig would take place at Shalom Performing Arts Complex at 2 pm. Chris Thompson, the Orchestra spokeswoman, stated that no former group members had come forward to play on the day.

Still, there were rumors that some of them would be at the show. Ms Thompson added that the organization of the event had been going quite well. It would be really great. The members of the orchestra are looking at it, and they have been doing a whole lot of preparation for the show. People are expecting that it would all come together on Sunday.

Chris Thompson told that said all 4 people who had led the orchestra over the years would conduct again on Sunday. All of them have rehearsed their piece of music with them and on the day they would conduct the orchestra once again.

Well, the Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra was founded by Heather McCabe, who went to Bundaberg as a strings teacher. Mrs McCabe saw that there were scopes for school students to play in a band but none for adults. The she called a meeting and the orchestra was founded.