British singer Robbie Williams has cautioned fans of an online imposter who has taken up the identity of the singer. The singer was left fuming after he found that the fraudster has set up fake accounts in his name on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Robbie has taken to his official site to let his fans know that he hardly uses Twitter or Facebook and that he does not have any private chats on the internet. Robbie wrote that currently he is not having any private chats with anybody on the internet and of any of his fans are talking to anyone called Robbie Williams than it is certainly not him.

Robbie further added that he does have an official Facebook page, but have no "personal" Facebook activity in that. The singer also said that he has a Twitter account, but he that he is not very active there and whenever he posts something there, fans know that it is him as he signs off with "RW".

It is to be noted that as of now, the singer is working on his new album at the "top of a mountain". He said online that he is placed away at the top of a mountain in a lovely wooden studio near Malibu. The actor has been working hard since the end of Take That's Progress Live Tour ended last July. Robbie has also been helping out Gary Barlow with his role as the mentor of X Factor.