Problems for The church of Scientology seem to be going from bad to worse according to a report in The New Yorker, After being under an FBI microscope for sometime, the church and some of it’s more prominent members are being investigated by the federal government for human trafficking and labor law violations.

Tom Cruise became involved when David Miscavige the head of the church and close personal friend to mega movie star ordered workers to perform services for the church and Cruise.

The workers would work tirelessly doing everything from some of the dirty grunt work to customizing buildings, rebuilding motorcycles, fixing boats all for a mere fifty dollars a week.

The federal law is clear that leaders of tax exempt organizations like the Church of Scientology are not allow to benefit in excess financially or materially, but reports have surfaced of David Miscavige being flown around in private charters jets, wearing custom hade made shoes, having two personal chefs, and owning several expensive cars and motorcycles.