Gary Barlow helps to solve personal problems

Take That singer Robbie Williams has stated that his ex band member Gary Barlow is the person who he goes to when he goes through any personal problems. The 'Let Me Entertain You' singer also states that he would love to have Sir Elton John around him if he was not well.

The ‘Candy’ star 1st got to know Barlow when Take That was made in the year 1990 but their relationship turned strained when Williams became dependent on drugs during 1990s and he was told to leave the music band.

The two men did not conciliate their friendship till around 2010, the year in which they worked with each other for the very first time since the year 1995 on their duet track 'Shame' that reached No 2 spot in UK top Forty. Recently it appeared that they two have become close friends.

Robbie told a leading website that he always calls Gary Barlow; he could sort out any personal problem. He is like a Swiss army knife. The ‘Bodies’ star stated that Barlow is incredibly effective in solving problems – Robbie needed something desperately previous night, but he sorted it in a matter of minutes.

Robbie also stated that if he becomes ill, he would not turn to Gary, instead he would prefer Elton John. He told that if he ever had man flu he would want Elton John to nurse him. He could make him chicken soup and come over and stroke his head.