Lady Gaga replies to ‘fat’ Instagram comments

Lady Gaga, the US pop singer, who is also known for her eccentric dresses, is making no excuses for her figure these days. The 28 year old singer was criticized for appearing heavier as she was performing on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday. To fight back, she took to Instagram immediately.

After the ArtRave tour performance, Lady Gaga uploaded a sexy white and black snap with the caption: "Curvy and Proud," accompanied by a pig emoticon. The snap that presently has over 144000 likes, was triggered by negative Twitter comments. One of the followers stated that: "This isn't sexy. This is FAT."

This is not the very first time that Lady Gaga was criticized for her weight. Back in the year 2012, the US pop singing sensation revealed a curvier silhouette. In fact, in a radio interview, she told that she has gained around twenty five pounds and she really does not feel bad regarding this, not for a second.

Lady Gaga’s view comes from a longtime battle with anorexia and bulimia since she was just fifteen years old. After sharing the appalling news on her site, she went on to begin a movement she called 2013 Body Revolution, posing in an underwear and yellow bra in a bid to inspire bravery and encourage others to upload a snap of you that lionizes your triumph over insecurities.