Robbie Williams speaks about his forthcoming tour

Robbie Williams, the British pop singer, had planned a stadium trip for next year so that he could avoid suffering from sleepless nights like on lengthy treks in the past.

The 38 year old singer recently made a solo return with some big shows at the O2 Arena in London. He admitted that he ended up physically drained when he went for long-haul tours. Right now, the former Take That singer is really determined that he would take it easy on his upcoming Take the Crown events that will go on for the next three months. The concerts would take him to different parts of the United Kingdom as well as Europe.

Recently, while speaking to a leading daily, the pop singer told that he is not like other people. His last tour was on 9 months ago and it really a long time for him. At times, during the tour, he does not sleep well. He also thinks about being physically drained and also keeping in mind that he would have to deliver everything in front of thousands of spectators. His new tour would go on for around three months and he could do that.

Previously, he always attempted to do things too much, but after doing that the used to get angry with himself. Later he used to think that this is not something she wanted to do; he always wanted an enjoyable experience. He does not want touring aspects to be very traumatic.