Robbie Williams Turns up To Victoria For Parental Advice

Singer Robbie Williams is so excited to become a father that he has gone up to Victoria Beckham for parenting advice. The ‘Angel’ hit maker and his wife Ayda Field have booked the VIP birthing suite at London’s Portland Hospital on the advice of Victoria Beckham. Robbie wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect as his wife delivers their baby. He wants everything to be flawless and stress-free.

Victoria’s gynaecologist Malcolm Gillard has retired now but his full team and successors prepare to be there at the VIP birthing suite to assist Ayda. Robbie flew back his heavily pregnant spouse in a private jet to London as he wants his daughter can be born in UK though he settled down in America in 2004. Robbie always wanted his baby to be born in UK and wanted his parents to be there around his child in the early months. He moved to America to enjoy the climate, lifestyle and a bit of time away from the crowd. His heart though still belongs to Britain. He is eagerly looking forward to having a big family Christmas.

Robbie has also acted in a film recently to promote the third season of his latest fashion label ‘Farrel’ created after his grandfather. The film was shot in London Acton on cold Sunday morning. The film shows Robbie playing football with some stylish lads as he loves the game football. He is really proud of the brand. Robbie has participated in designing every cloth in the range. He has chosen and designed every detail with a team of experts.