Robbie Williams Wants Daughter to Be Rebellious

Robbie reveals a funny fact about his new fatherhood life. He revealed that he wants his daughter to be a rebel like him and he would be really disappointed if his daughter isn’t so when she grows up. The ‘Take That singer became father last month when his wife Ayda gave birth to a little girl. They have named her ‘Theodora Teddy Rose’.

Robbie is hoping that his daughter will follow his footsteps. In an interview Robbie said that he would be annoyed if his daughter would want to stay back to do homework. However, he also confessed that his wife is smart enough to make sure that his daughter won’t break the rules.

Robbie has reportedly cleaned himself of all kind of addictions since his wife became pregnant. But, he is afraid that will not last long. He has been on his best behaviour for the sake of his little daughter.

He was reported saying- “I want to make this a good year for my baby and show her that I am a responsible parent.”Robbie has literally stopped smoking now, when earlier he used to smoke atleast three packs a day. Robbie says that he will be clean for atleast the first year and if possible capture all his acts in video so that she can show his daughter later that he was a good father.