British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams has recently started a new controversy by saying that he is ready to have gay sex for money. It was during a two hour long web chat, which also included his wife Ayda and some close friends that he joked about going gay for money. The Singer has been married to Ayda Fields since August 2010.

While talking about how much he should be paid to go gay, the pop star said he is available at a sum of around £ 2 million ($ 3 million). But, according to his friends he should be paid around £ 5 million ($7.7 million).

Sources say that William is keeping his fingers crossed and hoping that this idea of his will pay off as he is the cheapest. He even joked that he might buy a new car for his wife with the money he will earn by going gay. The singer also said that he is willing to sleep with Hollywood star Brad Pitt for free. He is even willing to pay the actor if required.

In between all these gay jokes, the musician said that he is really happy with his wife. He added that he wants to be a better husband and a better man in future. He also wants to get fit to have the best pop star look for his upcoming album this year. Williams reunited with the band Take That for a record breaking tour in 2011.

However, everything is not going as smooth as it looks in his life.

According to reports, William is having some terrible nightmares in which he is being stalked by some sectarian group who are trying to kill him. Reports suggest that these nightmares are really vexing the singer as he has never had nightmares like this in a very long time.