Williams wants UK birth

He has left United Kingdom and went to Los Angeles 6 years ago, but now singer Robbie Williams has made up his mind to back in the United Kingdom as he thinks that it is the only spot for his child to be born.

The ‘Take That’ singer is going back to UK with Ayda Field, his American wife, later this month. 38 year old Williams and 33 year old Ayda is expecting a girl next month and Williams have booked a private hospital in UK. The couple got married in the year 2010.
According to reports, he has said to his close friends that he wants his child to born in the United Kingdom and have a British passport. Now they are looking for a place somewhere in central London.

Robbie has a home in Los Angeles. One of his friends told that he will not be selling his LA house as he loves LA so much. Williams is also busy with new album which will be released later this year.

Sources say that the couple is very happy as everything is going well with the pregnancy. They took a whole lot of time to decide where to have the child. Even though their actual residence is in Los Angeles, but Williams wants his child to be born in England as this is home. His wife Ayda is really mellow and clam and they just could not wait to meet their daughter.

Williams lives in LA since 2006, but in 2009, he came back to England and bought an £ 8?million house in Wiltshire, but again he went to California just after 8 months.